3M GMI Gasurveyor 500

  • Fast Response Search Mode, to locate PPM level leaks very quickly.
  • Fully autoranging between PPM – LEL – Volume Gas.
  • Dry Cell Batteries
  • Simple 2-button operation, allowing user access to all features.
  • Audible and Visual Geiger (Ticker) in Search and PPM.
  • Integral pump.
  • Optional alkaline cells or rechargeable battery pack.
  • Rugged carbon loaded polypropylene case, sealed to IP54 rating and suitable for outdoor use.
  • LCD with backlighting which displays the current gas readings (in both digital and analogue format).
  • Directly interfaces with GMI Auto Test Calibration Units.
  • ATEX approved.
Brands:: 3M , GMI


The PPM Gasurveyor 500 compliments the Gascoseeker 2-500 with a similar performance, measuring % LEL and % volume flammable hydrocarbons, but with the addition of ppm ranges for all aspects of leak detection. The high sensitivity parts per million (ppm) range is enhanced by the ppm search range with higher sensitivity and faster response.

In accordance with the Gascoseeker 2-500, the PPM Gasurveyor 500 has the following additional features:

  • Automated zero during start-up
  • Manually selectable ppm and search ranges

The ppm Gasurveyor-500 is easy to use, with operator training being conducted quickly and it is also fully compatible with our range of calibration software and equipment.

All instruments are supplied with harness, hand carrying case, user handbook, PPM probe handle ass’y, probe adapter, probe bellows, shrouded swan neck probe, hex driver, 20 x cotton filters, calibration certificate and configuration report.


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3M GMI Gasurveyor 500 Brochure


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