Anton ADT200 Differential Temp – Kit 1 (Clamp or Velcro)

£129.00 + vat


The kit has been designed to be an extremely useful tool for Gas and HVAC professionals, allowing you to conduct a number of different installations and checks with ease. It’s ideally suited for flow and return/cold water inlet and hot water outlet temperatures, and is also a great way to check a descale or powerflush is required within an installation.
The Anton probe kit includes a handheld measuring device with a simple push button interface and durable plastic casing.

  • Anton ADT 200 differential digital thermometer – Range 0.1ªC -99.9ªC to 299.9ºC – Range 1ªC 300 to 1372ªC
  • Waterproof IP66/67 Protective boot and tilt stand
  • Protective hard carry case
  • AS10/Clamp pipe probes (up to 28mm)
  • Flexible wire air probe

Can be used for fault finding on oil boilers


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