Anton User Guides

Duty of Care Info for Anton Sprint v Or eVo Flue Gas Analysers

A demonstration of how to best look after your Anton Sprint V or eVo flue gas analyser. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your analyser is kept in the best possible condition whilst giving optimum performance with minimum issues.

Anton Sprint v And E Vo Flue Gas Analyser Functionality Testing

A comprehensive series of tests you can perform with your Anton Sprint V or eVo range flue gas analysers that checks the flue probe integrity and also confirms that the analyser itself is performing as expected. Please note only exposure to CO (carbon monoxide) gas will performance test the instrument’s response to CO and these tests do not negate the need for annual service and calibration.

Anton Sprint V eVo Sprinter User Guide How To Use

User guide for Anton Sprint V and eVo printers including how to charge and maintain your printer for optimum reliability and operational life.

Anton have always prided themselves on providing solutions to make our customer’s working lives easier. Nothing demonstrates that better than the free to download and free to use Sprint Mobile app. Used by thousands of engineers already on Android devices, but now by popular demand, iOS users can also enjoy all the benefits as it’s now on both platforms. The launch of Sprint Mobile iOS on the app store coincides with loads of new features being released on the Android version to give all users the same great features and functionality.

The app provides useful gas rate, pipe size, ventilation, radiator output and energy conversion calculators for all engineers, whether you own an Anton analyser or not. There’s a comprehensive list of boiler manuals that can be accessed. There’s also a free to use quotation, invoicing and payment management system that makes quoting jobs so quick and easy you can create and email them whilst still on site. It’s also easy to create and email invoices, take payments and email receipts saving Sprint Mobile users potentially hours a week. It’s free to use so why not give it a try?

If you do own a compatible Anton analyser then in addition to the useful tools and calculators, Sprint Mobile also provides seamless interaction with the analyser, unlocking the full functionality and features of the app. The full range of gas, pressure, temperature and CO/CO2 room safety reports can be emailed directly to your customers. Sprint Mobile even provides reminders for you to book annual boiler servicing with each customer. The reports are tailored to your business with your company name, company logo and full contact details embedded in the app to create personalised PDF versions of all the reports. Landlord certificates, safety notices, gas rate calculations and other forms can be created quickly and easily, saving you time and money, whilst also conveying a very professional image of your company to your customers. Many other useful reports and features are being added to the app all the time so keep checking for updates. With the increasing importance of record keeping relating to these safety critical reports, for example the recording of CO and CO/CO2 ratio now being mandatory at the commissioning of all new boiler installations, then having all your reports conveniently saved and stored under each customer on your mobile device provides you with this peace of mind. Traceability is assured: no more unreadable triplicate copies of your vital records and no more doubt over the validity of the readings as they’re sent straight from the analyser to the reports.

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