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Gas and Water Meters

Water meters.

 You can trust Gas and Controls to take care of all your water metering needs as we are specialist suppliers of both domestic and commercial water meters.

Ultrasonic Water Meter

Ultrasonic water meters are intended for technological measurements of instantaneous flow rate and consumption in water-supply networks and archiving the measured data. Arad, Diehl and Itron meters have WRAS approvals and MID accuracy. The Arad Octave range has composite and stainless body options with pulse, 4-20Ma Mbus and Modbus options. 

Electromagnetic Meters

 The Siemens Electromagnetic induction flow meters measure volume flow rates of electrically conductive liquids in closed piping systems. Suitable of clean cold water and liquids containing contaminants.  The signal=processing electronic unit includes a two-line alphanumeric display to show the measured values where various operational parameters of the meter can be selected by means of an associated keyboard. WRAS and MCERT approved meters. 

Hot Water Meter Range

These water meters are used for monitoring hot water flow in UK and Europe using Single jet, Multi jet and Woltmann hot water meters. B Meters and Itron meters for up to 90C maximum temperatures. GWF and Honewell meters for up to 130C maximum temperatures. New from B Meters Mbus, Wireless Mbus and LoRaWAN communication. 

Gas meters.

 We stock a wide range of domestic and commercial gas meters, as well as gas meter parts and accessories.

Turbine Gas Meters

Perfect for secondary metering industrial applications where continual gas flow is crucial. Using gas velocity within the meter, these inferential style meters measure the flow rates within the meter parameters. Our range of turbine meters from Aichi, Common, Itron are all space saving, inline meters with a variety of options available. MID approved and Biogas options with pulse, Mbus, Wireless Mbus and 4-20 Ma outputs to suit your application. 

Rotary Gas Meters

A more precise instrument handling higher pressures than diaphragm meters. These positive displacement meters are designed to measure gas, for custody transfer or technical measurement. Common, Dresser and Itron meters are available with MID approval with communication by pulse, Mbus, Wireless #mbus and 4-20 Ma.

Diaphragm Gas Meters

Mainly used in residential and smaller commercial installations as it measures even a very small gas flow rate. Internal gas valves fill and expel gas, directing a continuous flow of gas. This meter has a long period of accuracy due to advanced meter technology. Honeywell, Elster, Itron and Metrix meters are available with MID approval. Communication with pulse, Mbus and Wireless Mbus output for Building Maangement systems. Durecom meters for Caravans and Mobile homes. New Metrix TVI Top viewing index, an alternative to Semi concealed meters. 

Gas Regulators

 Gas pressure regulator matches flow of gas to the systems demand for it, ensuring you get safest pressure for your applications.  Coprim, Fiorentini, Gavilar, Honeywell Elster, Madas and Maxitrol cover our range of domestic and industrial regulators include LPG regulators and natural gas regulators for domestic and industrial applications with OPSO, UPSO and differential relief. Maxitrol domestic regulators and Coprim high pressure industrial regulators are newly available.

Gas Ancillaries

 New Itron Corus EVO= MWA have full range of gas ancillary products to compliment the Gas Meters, regulators, and valves. These include Gas pressure and temperature volume converters, flexible hoses, meter shelves, support brackets, unions, Chatterbox isolation units, pulse splitters, inline gas filters, top hat gas filters, flange fixing kits. New Itron Corus EVO+ pressure and temperature volume corrector. 


Ultrasonic is the measurement principle. There is no obstacle inside the measurement tube so the pressure and energy loss is zero. The meter has a wide range ability of 1:400 which allows for correct measurement with low flow rates. Aichi AS-WE ultrasonic gas flow meters 40mm to 200mm. New Aichi UX range 15mm to 50mm. Also available are Siargo Thermal gas flowmeters and Esters oscillating gas meters. 

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