So, why upgrade to the Sprint Pro?


  • Unrivalled double protection against condensate ingress damage – water stop technology protects against down time – see for yourself on YouTube
  • Built in sensor over range protection for all Sprint Pro models
  • Full connectivity with iOS and Android devices on Pro3 and above
  • New secure click in flue probe connector to FGA with additional filtration
  • Easy USB-C charging for analyser and printer at home, on site or in your vehicle

Download the Apps

In today’s world doing the job is only half the battle, evidencing that work and keeping records is increasingly important and can be time consuming. The Sprint Pro gives you all the options to choose from when it comes to how you want to save records and communicate with your customers. All Sprint Pro models will print reports to an Anton printer as this will always be a requirement for many.

Some customers insist on these paper reports being stapled to the traditional forms, so even if you want to go paperless most of the time then you’re still likely to need printed reports on occasion. Sprint Pro2 and above can also connect to a Windows based PC via the USB lead and the Sprint Pro PC software is available free from This allows you to save all your reports to your PC, searchable by customer. These personalised PDF reports can be printed or emailed on to the customers as required.


More and more businesses are now utilising the power of our FGAs with wireless communications (Sprint Pro3 and above) to save time and money by going paperless. Smaller business can use our free Sprint Mobile app which can be downloaded above but increasingly larger organisations are seeing the benefits of improved traceability by capturing the data from the analysers straight into their company work management systems.

It’s a surprisingly simple process to get our analysers to connect with most third party software and apps, so if you’re interested in streamlining your business give us a call/email and we’ll happily assist you (and/or your IT/software company) with this.

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