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Carbon Monoxide (CO)

STEL: 100ppm(Short Term exposure Limit - 15mins) TWA: 20ppm(Time Weighted Average - 8hrs) Alarm RecomendationsRising Latching Alarms For Line Safety Applications First Alarm:20ppm Second Alarm: 55ppm Third Alarm:Optional What is Carbon Monoxide (CO)?Carbon...

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Our new gas-store

Welcome to Gas and Controls’ new look website. For years Gas and Controls have been the UK and Irelands most trusted supplier of gas detection and safety systems, with products that can detect multiple different varieties of dangerous toxic gases.  With our new...

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Gas Monitors

Gas & Controls are now offering BREEAM water monitoring equipment, specifically designed to meet the BREEAM WAT02, WAT03 and WAT04 requirements for major leak detection and sanitary supply shut-off.  More information and product details will follow.

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Stop and Think!

We can now offer portable gas monitors to the farming community which will help guard against the dangers posed by slurry gases. These range from small maintenance free monitors for Hydrogen Sulphide, up to more expensive 4 gas monitors covering more gas hazards. Gas...

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Need some advice?

Our team of fixed gas detection engineers have a wide range of expertise in specifying systems to suit your specific requirements and to discuss and installation and commissioning queries.

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