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The Merlin 3000S Demand Control Ventilation Panel is a fully automated kitchen control system housed in a sleek user-friendly control panel. The Merlin 3000S is designed to provide full control of any commercial kitchen and includes a slew of capabilities. Depending on CO2 and gas utilisation, the extraction fan systems’ speeds are varied via a 0-10v DC output. In addition to controlling fan speeds, the panel has a proving system (required for usage with appliances missing – FFDs – Flame failure device).

Detection of smoke and steam in the canopy can also be monitored using optical sensors, as can heat detection in the extraction ducting using a temperature sensor. All the sensors should be used together for the most accurate and safe results.

When CO2 levels or gas usage in the kitchen rise, the Merlin 3000S can automatically adjust the RPM of the ventilation system’s fans to help maintain a comfortable working environment. This technique also works in low-gas-usage situations by lowering fan speeds as needed. This results in a quieter kitchen, as well as energy and operating expense savings.

The Merlin 3000S energy-saving control system is specifically intended for NEW and RETROFIT store applications, enabling automated ventilation system control by changing exhaust and kitchen HVAC incoming air in response to the presence and level of cooking activity. The Merlin 3000S maximises kitchen ventilation energy efficiency and lowers energy waste while increasing kitchen comfort based on the temperature inside the exhaust hoods.

Monitoring and removing these dangerous gases is critical for the smooth and, most importantly, safe operation of the commercial kitchen. By monitoring the amounts of these gases regardless of whether the system is turned on or off, the Merlin 3000S can trigger the extraction system to expel them from the kitchen on its own, eliminating the need for user participation. Along with its other main features, the Merlin 3000S includes an optional gas pressure proving system, which is required when any kitchen equipment lacks an FFD (Flame failure device).

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