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Case Study- Baxter Healthcare LTD

Global healthcare provider uses Micronics portable flowmeter to perform energy surveys

A global provider of products and therapies throughout hospitals and clinics has been using a Micronics Portaflow 333 since August 2018 to perform energy surveys and checks for utility flow rates in their UK factories. Ray Harland, a Project Manager at Baxter Healthcare Ltd had used Micronics flowmeters for many years at PSL Worldwide and recommended the specialist Micronics product when he moved to Baxter Healthcare and they needed to confirm utility rates and balance systems.

The PF 333 is used for clean liquid monitoring, and with its integral logger and software and non-invasive measurement it delivers significant savings on installation costs and less disruption than when installing an alternative in-line meter. The Micronics clamp-on flowmeter for liquids is portable and easy to use and offers continuity and long term reliability. It is robustly constructed and provides a quick and reliable means of measuring flow accurately. Ray Harland is an advocate of the Portaflow: “We originally opted for the Micronics Portaflow because I knew and trusted the company and the product, which is completely portable. It is very easy to install and delivers significant maintenance and service benefits because it can be used without having to cut into pipes and, as a result only limited downtime is needed, absolutely critical in the context of medical facilities which obviously need to be operational 24/7. The Portaflow is simplicity itself to use and, crucially, because there is no overhead for additional fittings, plant modifications or retrofit expenditure hospital budgets are not adversely impacted. We have been very satisfied with its operation and the data it provides and will continue to rely on it.” An additional benefit of the Portaflow is that there is no risk of contamination of the process fluid and possible exposure of the monitoring equipment to corrosive or toxic liquids because there is no contact with fluids. This is also clearly crucial in hospitals and clinics.

Baxter Healthcare Ltd was established more than 85 years ago in Illinois, USA and pioneered significant medical innovations from the 1st commercially produced intravenous solutions to leading acute, nutritional, renal and surgical care. Its UK head office is in Newbury, Berkshire.

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