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Ultrasonic Flow Meters

We have a wide range of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters for water and environment applications. Our ultrasonic flow meters can be used for clean and dirty water applications.

PF LV550

PF LV550 Portable Area/ Velocity Meter


New Portaflow 222 Portable Clamp-on Flow Meter


New Portaflow 333 Portable Clamp-on Flow & Heat Meter

Portaflow D550

Portaflow D550 Doppler Flow Meter

Thickness Gauge 8812

Thickness Gauge 8812


U1000MKII-FM Fixed Clamp-on, Ultrasonic Flow Meter


U1000MKII-FM-WM Clamp-on Flow Meter with Wall Mounted Keypad & Display

New UF3300

New UF3300 Fixed Clamp-on, Heat/Energy, Flow and Process Measurement Meter

UF3300 New

UF3300 NEW Ultraflo, Fixed Clamp-on Flow and Process Measurement Meter

UF AV5500

New: UF AV5500 Area-Velocity Flow Meter

UF OC5000

UF OC5000 Open Channel Flow Meter

UF D5500

New: UF D5500 Fixed Clamp-on Flow Meter

UF DS200

UF DS200 Flow Switch

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