WRAS Water Valves/BREEAM Leak Detection

Valves/BREEAM Leak Detection


WRAS stands for Water Regulations Advisory Scheme and is the industry standard for products and valves to be used in freshwater or potable water applications.
Solenoid Valves are used for a variety of applications and are a key element of any flow control system.
A solenoid valve is essentially an electromechanical controlled valve. It features a tiny solenoid which is an electric coil containing a movable ferromagnetic core located at the centre. This is called a plunger. In its resting position it closes off an orifice. A small electric current is then passed through the coil creating a magnetic field in the electric water valve.

The magnetic field pushes the plunger and the plunger is pulled toward the centre of the coil so that the orifice becomes open. This is essentially the basic principle for the electric water valve that is used to open and close solenoid valves.
Electric water valves are amongst the most used components in gas and liquid circuits. The number of applications is almost endless. Some examples of the use of solenoid valves include heating systems, compressed air technology, industrial automation, swimming pools, sprinkler systems, washing machines, dental equipment, car wash systems and irrigation systems.

Gas & Controls can also supply PIR Occupancy switches for water and energy saving. PIR switches are used for controlling water shut off valves for BREEAM credits. PIR switches can control multiple solenoid shut off valves wired in parallel.

Breeam Water Leak Detection Systems

Gas & Controls can also supply and service water leak detection systems. BREEAM water leak detection systems can detect major leaks on the water supply between and within a building and the site boundary.
The benefits of having Major Leak Detection systems reduces the risk of water leaks internally. The system has LED indicators and sounder highlighting when a leak arises, has the ability to adjust parameters including water volumes, days of the week and occupancy periods.


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