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The food and beverage sector takes hygiene very seriously since even little contamination of surfaces and equipment can provide an excellent breeding environment for all types of bacteria. As a result, the food and beverage business require intensive cleaning and disinfection that must match industry requirements.

By far the most popular and successful method of disinfecting equipment or other surfaces is chemical disinfection with chlorine-based compounds. This is because chlorine-based chemicals are affordable, fast acting, and effective against a wide range of microbes. Several chlorine compounds, including hypochlorite, organic and inorganic chloramines, and chlorine dioxide, are commonly used. Sodium hypochlorite solution (NaOCl) is stored in tanks, and chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas is often produced on-site.

Chlorine compounds are toxic in any combination, and exposure to large amounts of chlorine can cause serious health problems. Chlorine gases are often stored on-site, and a gas detection system with a relay output to activate ventilation fans when a high amount of chlorine is detected should be installed.

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