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Carbon Dioxide monitoring is extremely important in a range of industries. The Health and Safety Executive has recently released guidance on identifying poorly ventilated areas through CO2 monitors, in the hope to limit Covid-19 transmissions.

We are now selling desktop TL-2000H monitor for carbon dioxide detection. This device can continuously monitor Carbon Dioxide levels within these buildings and alert users when CO2 levels are above the norm. The higher the levels of CO2. The higher the risk of airborne transmissions for diseases such as Covid-19.

Why Use Carbon Dioxide Monitors in Education?

While students have went back to face-to-face learning it is essential to keep both staff and pupils as safe as possible. Majority of classrooms are very busy environments with 30-40 pupils placed in small to medium sized classrooms. Students are also placed in proximity to each other, rendering Carbon Dioxide monitoring even more crucial.

High CO2 levels can also impair cognitive ability, including decision making, maintaining high quality of work, or learn and communicate effectively. CO2 levels can be monitored to ensure productivity is optimised.

Carbon Dioxide monitoring

Why Should Restaurants, Busy Cafes, Pub or Even Small Shops Use A Carbon Dioxide Monitor?

All these businesses are extremely busy environments where people gather in a relatively small space, for a prolonged period of time eating, laughing, browsing products- meaning the risk of infection is very high.

TL-2000H CO2 monitor would offer both customers and staff reassurance through continuously monitoring air quality. Coronavirus is spread through the air. Therefore higher CO2 levels in a room means there is a higher chance of transmission if an infected person is inside.

Busy cafe

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