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Meet the next generation of portable oxygen detection. We are very excited to help you achieve more with the Gasman you know and trust.

Crowcon has introduced long-life oxygen sensors with industry leading sensor technology that your applications demand. This new long-life sensor will save you money whilst delivering on safety and environmental regulation better than ever before.

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This portable delivers key features which provide real world tangible benefits to operator and site operations:

1. Industry’s first 5-year warranty

The new long-life O2 sensor meets industry expectations of cost-effective, sustainable and high-quality investments. Crowcon’s confidence in longer operational periods can be seen under the first ever 5-year guarantee.

2. Lead-free for RoHS compliance

This detector puts you, and your business ahead of regulations for RoHS compliance. 2024 will see the removal of lead anodes in electrochemical oxygen sensors as identified in the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). There is no better time to take proactive steps to becoming environmentally compliant.

3. Reduced sensor replacement

Due to the long-life O2 sensor the need for sensor replacement is reduced.

4. Lower cost of ownership

When purchasing personal gas detectors, manufacturers recommended a schedule for servicing. This includes regular costs, as well as potentially disrupting operations or processes whilst servicing takes place. Standard O2 sensors also need replaced every 2 years, this 5-year-long-life sensor helps reduce ownership costs.

5. Reduced environmental impact

Many industries and applications are looking to reduce their impact on the planet. Leaded O2 sensors have been replaced with new lead-free sensors which helps cut potentially harmful effects on the environment. Lead is heavy, toxic, and costly. Each traditional ‘leaded Oxygen sensor’ from our portable range of detectors has an average of 12g of lead inside, 75% of its total weight. Switching to non-leaded, long-life Oxygen Gasman will help reduce the 2,200kg of lead reaching the environment each year, as well as reducing the risk of harm associated with lead exposure.

Crowcon Detecting Gas Saving Lives

Why should I consider long-life oxygen sensors?

The lead-free oxygen sensor offers a robust, reliable, and lead-free oxygen sensor for the trusted single gas monitor, Gasman. The new and improved design does not have compressed strands of lead the electrolyte has to penetrate, allowing a thick electrolyte to be used, this means no leaks, no leak induced corrosion and improved safety. This portable is ideal for use in all environments required by your applications.

This new Gasman has improved sensor temperature range of -40oC to +60oC, up from -30oC to +50oC. The humidity range has also increased to 0-99% RH, up from 5-95%.

Gasman self-tests automatically during start-up, reporting any problems. Long-life oxygen sensors withstand the most challenging of environments and the device immediately reports any faults. This Gasman has ‘calibration in fresh air’ capability meaning long term stability is assured. Calibration is a quick and simple process with 20.9% oxygen present in air.  

Crowcon’s new long-life Oxygen sensor can be used in several industries:

Next generation of oxygen detection- industries use

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