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Meet the next generation of flammable gas detection with Molecular Property Spectrometer technology. Available for both fixed and portable detectors. Accurately detect 15 hazardous gases in one MPS sensor for better safety and more operational efficiency.

MPS in Portable Detectors

Crowcon’s Gasman portable with molecular property spectrometer (MPS) sensor marks a real step forward in personal safety equipment. MPS is the next generation of flammable gas sensing technology, with an unprecedented accuracy and reliability. This brand new feature can simultaneously detect 15 flammable gases, including hydrogen. MPS sensors require no calibration and are resistant to poisoning that affects pellistor sensors. The Gasman with MPS sensor also comes with an extended-life battery.

crowcon gasman next generation flammable personal gas detector

Summarised benefits of MPS technology:

  • MPS enhances accuracy, speed of detection- no correction factor needed
  • Detects 15 flammable gas hazards
  • TrueLEL is the gold standard in flammable gas detection
  • Gasman with MPS does not need calibration and requires minimal maintenance
  • Self-monitors and reports sensor problems automatically
  • MPS copes with challenging environments, does not suffer sensor poisoning
  • Increased battery life
  • ATEX Zone 0 approved

Designed for multi-gas environments such as those in waste energy, wastewater, green energy, bio-gas, petrochemical, oil & gas, industrial manufacturing.

Keep people and premises safer, with more efficient and accurate testing.

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