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Are you aware of the Risks of O2 in the Current Covid-19 Pandemic?

High population of ventilators = greater medical O2 usage In the UK & Ireland

•    O2 enrichment drastically increases the risk of fire
•    10% increase in the probability of a spontaneous fire in an atmosphere with more than 25% Oxygen
•    50% of fires related to Oxygen systems are due to incorrect operation and maintenance of equipment

The main danger to people from an oxygen-enriched atmosphere is that clothing or hair can easily catch fire, causing serious or even fatal burns. HSE UK recommends to keep equipment in good working condition and ensure good ventilation.


Solutions – Protection for care givers and patients:

•    Small, lightweight and easy to use, Gasman can be placed next to ventilators throughout wards for area monitoring as setout in the NHS guidance
•    Get up to 2 years of hassle-free operation with no need to plug in for constant power or even to charge
•    Alarm levels set perfectly in-line with the latest guidelines (23.5%)

Storage of O2 Tanks
With temporary hospitals being set up around the UK to handle the surge in Coronavirus cases Gas & Controls has the solution to provide O2 Gas Detection in Fixed Areas through the Crowcon Gasmaster and Xgard product.

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