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Gas and Controls are in partnership with ZoneSafe and are the only suppliers throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. ZoneSafe is a proximity warning and alert system creating safe work environments by reducing the risk of accidental collisions between pedestrian workers, industrial vehicles, assets, and hazards.

The system is fixed to a vehicle, such as a forklift and individuals operating in close proximity are tagged. When detection zone is breached an audio/ visual alert is activated, alerting everyone of the hazard. A flexible tagless version is also available.

There are many benefits to using ZoneSafe on your worksite.

  • Full 360 degree proximity detection around vehicles
  • Vehicle alert warning for pedestrian workers
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Provide invaluable site safety information
  • Pedestrian alert warning for drivers
  • Vehicle to vehicle detection alert and waring
  • Create safe working environments
  • Used worldwide in over twenty countries

The system takes a simple concept of raising situational awareness to protect people. RIDDOR data for 2016-2019 showed 43% of forklift accidents involved impact with a third person, with 65% of these involving pedestrians engaged in activities unrelated to the operation of the vehicle. Forklifts are essential to operation but they pose significant threat to the safety of those working with and around them so employing additional safety measures is a must.

How does ZoneSafe make forklift

Providing solutions for:

Proximity Warning and Alert For Pedestrian Safety

Vehicle to person alert works by identifying tags worn by pedestrian workers. The tag will vibrate to warn pedestrians of an approaching vehicle, the driver of the vehicle is warned via the in-cab control unit.

Detection Technology For Vehicle To Vehicle Industrial Safety

Reducing the risk of accidents between moving vehicles through an anti-collision system. This system can detect approaching vehicles up to 50 metres away warning the driver of initial detection, as well as when a vehicle is in close proximity.

Proximity Warning and Alert For Vehicle, Asset and Hazard Safety

ZoneSafe uses proximity warning technology to help reduce the risk of accidental collisions between vehicles, assets and hazards across the worksite. Strategically placed safety cones are fitted with ZoneSafe tags around assets or hazards. When the vehicle gets too close to the safety cone, the ZoneSafe antenna detects the cone and an audio-visual alarm warns the driver. The alarm stops once the vehicle moves away from the safety zone. Safety cones with ZoneSafe tags can be detected up to ten meters away. Jet2 uses this system to prevent damage to their aircraft during preflight activities and preparation for take-off.

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